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Swimming / Surf Life Saving

We tailor strength programs for a range of athletes from as young as 13. We understand the demands of swim training as well as the difficulties of growing bodies and provide specific programs for each individual athlete depending on the phase of their overall training program. We work with the swim coaches to deliver what the athlete needs to improve performance. In 2016 we provided strength and conditioning sessions for Barwon Sports Academy swimmers and continue this in 2017.


As a fellow runner, I understand what sort of strength training is good for runners and at what phase of the overall plan is optimal. We provide run specific group sessions over local hills and athletics track to complement the strength training. We are also fortunate to have the Geelong Cross Country Club share our building and they run many events from our exact location around the river trails. So whether its specific plyometric work, hip strengthening or core focused, we provide the complete solution from someone who actually runs!


As a fellow cyclist, I know that carrying extra weight on a climb is tough. Its a balance between strength and being light to dance on those pedals. Getting the balance right is tough but with our periodised training plans, we can increase your FTP and power to weight. We provide multi week cycling plans integrated with strength training and have an awesome indoor setup so you never miss a session.

Triathlon / Multisport

Adding sports together makes it tough. And then throw in strength training and all of a sudden your over-training very quickly. We balance out the load via periodised programs to have you peaking at the right time. We dont have a pool but have the running, cycling, kayaking and strength training covered. Having competed in the World Multisport Championships 5 times, I know how to focus on the end goal when training for multiple disciplines gets tough.

Obstacle Racing and Adventure Racing

Why are these grouped together? Because I dont believe they are that far apart in terms of how to train. Strength training should absolutely be included for both sports and so should should running. Both of these sports can easily be trained for with run specific programs that will see you leave your fellow competitors in your dust.



Personal training sessions are either 45mins. Your first session will cover goal setting, current health information and discus a plan to meet your goals. And don't worry, we will also do some fitness training too.

We can provide cycling, rowing, strength, running and just about any type of fitness class you desire. We have a range of strength equipment to always keep you motivated. Ranging from conventional gym equipment, to bodyweight training, plyometrics, the Torsonator and functional fitness gear. Whether your focus is strength, speed, endurance and weight loss we have the gear and knowledge to provide a wide range of challenging exercises.



Everyone's needs are different, let us tailor a program just for you!.

  • helps you make the best use of your exercise time
  • helps you with technique
  • Adjusts your exercise program in response to your changing fitness level
  • Provides varied exercise options to keep you motivated, interested and enjoying your workouts

Our programs generate results for people of all size, age, and ability


Number of people who achieve their fitness goals

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 used a personal trainer. (IHRSA 2002)




Build strength, cardiovascular fitness and burns lots of calories.

  • Total Body - Rowing works 9 major muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, shoulders, triceps, back and biceps. In addition rowing is an amazing cardio workout.
  • With rowing, you can achieve superb aerobic fitness and core strength. You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health through the wide range of motion rowing requires. If you have only a few minutes a day to exercise, the whole body nature of rowing will provide an efficient, effective workout that other exercises simply can’t.
  • Low Impact – Rowing is great for injury prevention, rehab and runners because it is a low impact alternative to other activities. For those who are overweight, the sliding seat displaces ones weight so the load on their body is less and they can make a smooth transition to other activities as the weight comes off.
  • Calorie Burn – In the average rowing class, people burn between 400-800 calories in a little less than an hour.
  • You’re In Control – Resistance is created by how hard you push or pull, so you control the level of your own workout.  Your time and pace improves as you row harder.
  • Easy to Learn – The basics of indoor rowing can be learned in 10 minutes or less.
  • Indoor rowing is not just a sport, it’s an entire community. There’s a thriving indoor race scene that’s topped by the CRASH-Bs, the World Indoor Rowing Championships, which take place in Boston, Massachusetts, every February.

Our rowing programs generate results for people of all size, age, and ability


Why indoor cycling?

Our cycling sessions are for everyone, whether your a seasoned rider or just want to get fit and stay healthy. Using a combination of power, heart rate and cadence you can make sure every revolution is delivered at a specific cadence and specific intensity for your training session. With no traffic lights, corners or cars to worry about, you can focus on your technique and enjoy a high quality session every time.

We have the best bikes and the option of full ride data analysis using Wattbike HUB or PerfPRO, all with providing detailed session reports and on-line upload to Strava or Training Peaks.

These are just some of the benefits of cycling indoors at RFS;

  • Time efficient - Cold, wet, windy. How much benefit do you really get for your limited ride time? Make the most of your time on the bike with content and programs provided by The Sufferfest.
  • Total ride control - Improve your technique with real time pedal stroke monitoring, enabling you to ride faster and more efficiently.
  • Real time left/right power feedback, scientific analysis of ride data
  • Train smarter – Analyze over 40 parameters to accurately measure performance

Our Wattbikes and Wahoo Kickr's

We have carefully chosen our equipment  to provide the ultimate in indoor cycle training that will improve your fitness and burn calories fast. Suitable for seasoned riders looking to ride faster as well as people looking to burn calories. Indoor cycling is a safe and time effective fitness solution.

Wattbikes are a stationary trainer that actually feels like riding a real bike. Endorsed by Cycling Australia and developed in association with British Cycling, it is truly a unique indoor bike that actually brings some relevant high tech equipment to indoor cycling classes.  Very simple adjustment to match your own bike setup with ergonomic handlebars to replicate exactly the feel of riding a real bike. The performance computer displays power, heart rate, cadence and many other parameters in real time. The polar view provides a live pedaling display giving a unique technique feedback experience.

Wahoo Kickrs allow you to use your own bike and train via power. Its all done using our software and content to control the trainer in exactly the right power level, tailored for you, based around your FTP. You can also use these to ride REAL courses using apps such as Fulgaz and Kinomap (iPad and subsription required). You may wish to ride Alp Duez. The Kickr adjusts the resistence based on gradient, road surface and even wind. Now possible all from our studio!



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