Revolutions Fitness Studio is based at the
Geelong Canoe Club, 11 Marnock Rd, Newtown, Victoria, Australia


We started our studio at the Geelong Canoe Club in January 2016. Born out of a passion for all things health and fitness, we run, ride, paddle, row, orienteer and train as a family. I have competed in 5 world multisport championships and won numerous multisport and adventure races over the last 15 years. From humble beginnings strength training at Fitness Physique in Geelong back in the 90's, and after a short stint as a industrial chemist, I followed my main fitness interest in 2009 and began coaching multisport ahtletes. An opportunity arose in 2015 to develop a training base and full studio for members of the Geelong Canoe Club where allot of time was spent kayaking. Today the studio has everything you need to meet your strength, fitness or health goals. I setup the studio with the gear and brands I needed and include Wattbike, Concept 2 and Ironedge.

From our weekly Balyang Parkrun and group circuit to indoor cycling sessions, we just love the location, people and lifestyle. A variety of athletes come here to train for sports including swimming, beach volley ball, running, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, orienteering and obstacle racing. The fitness bug has rubbed off on my wife Kerrilee who is a regular Balyang Parkrunner and Olivia rides the Barwon river trails on our studio doorstep. We plan to be here for many years to come.

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